Ph.D. Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering

About the Epstein PhD Degree

The Epstein Ph.D. degree educates students for leadership and innovation in systems, algorithms and quantitative methods to solve society’s most pressing problems. 

Our program is highly personalized, preparing students to pursue their research passions while offering an exceptional foundation in the techniques and methods that underlie modern industrial and systems engineering.  Students are mentored by the department’s outstanding faculty through courses, research projects, teaching experiences and a doctoral dissertation.  Program completion typically takes 4-5 years, and include an interdisciplinary minor in fields such as Business or Computer Science.  Epstein Ph.D. graduates work in universities, government agencies, research labs, consulting firms and technology companies. 

Admission to the Ph.D. program is highly competitive.  Each applicant must demonstrate exceptional promise for research at the highest level, aligned with the department’s research focus areas in industrial and systems engineering.  After review and selection by the department faculty, accepted Ph.D. students are offered generous financial support, including a stipend and free tuition.  A detailed description of the Ph.D. program is available in the department’s Ph.D. Handbook.   

Students interested in one of the department’s many Master's Degrees may obtain information from the Epstein Department’s Master's Program webpage.  Master’s degrees offer a shorter time to completion, with a focus on the skills needed in professional careers.   

Ph.D. Student Forms

For the Class Assistant Application, please visit MyViterbi and the Teaching Assistant System.

Published on March 23rd, 2017

Last updated on October 12th, 2023