The Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering has named its keynote lecture for the late Eberhardt Rechtin. Rechtin was a former Viterbi School professor, National Academy of Engineering member, and a founding father of systems architecting engineering as a distinct discipline. He played a key role in the development of U.S. space technologies and had a storied career in government and industry before coming to USC. He headed JPL’s Communications Group in the 60s, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (later to become DARPA) soon after, and was named CEO of the Aerospace Corporation subsequent to that.

2020 Lecture

David Westfall Bates

2020 David W. Bates, M.D., M.Sc.
Harvard University

"Collaborations Between Engineering And Healthcare: Results From The BWH Patient-Safety Learning Laboratory Studies."

USC Hotel
Center Ballroom
Feb 4 2020, 3:30pm

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As suggested by several NAM reports, healthcare could become much more efficient if engineers and care systems were to collaborate more. Dr. Bates will discuss two such efforts, one focused on development of an ICU dashboard, and electronic checklists, and a second aimed at identifying patients in the inpatient setting who may have an incorrect diagnosis or be receiving an incorrect treatment.

Dr. Bates is an internationally renowned expert in patient safety, using information technology to improve care, quality-of-care, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes assessment in medical practice. He is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he co-directs the Program in Clinical Effectiveness. He directs the Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He served as external program lead for research in the World Health Organization's Global Alliance for Patient Safety and is the past president of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare {ISQua) and the editor of the Journal of Patient Safety. He has published over 800 peer-reviewed papers which have been cited over 700,000 times; he has an h-index of 747, which ranks him among the 400 most cited biomedical researchers of any type. Website:

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Published on March 27th, 2017

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