Graduate Course Descriptions

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ISE 445 Technology Development and Implementation

(4, Fa)
Principles and practices of technology development and implementation,with application to products and systems in manufacturing and services. 

ISE 500 Statistics for Engineering Managers (4, Fa, Sp) 
Framing engineering management situations with statistical methods. Experiments, distributions, regressing, ANOVA, hypothesis. 

ISE 501 Innovative Conceptual Design for New Product Development (4, Sp)
An introduction to a conceptual design framework with a logic foundation and a systematic process to carry out concept generation and improvement for innovative product developments.

ISE 505 Modeling for Health Policy and Medical Decision Making (4, Sp)
Modeling techniques used to inform decisions in public health, disease control, and hospital operations

ISE 506 Lean Operations (4, Sp)
Study of lean principles and practices as applied to various industries.

ISE 508 Health Care Operations Improvement (4,Fa)
Improving operations, patient flow, quality and processes. Students will become familiar with methods for implementing change in health care settings such as hospitals.

ISE 509 Practicum in Health Care Systems (4, Sp)
Performance improvements projects within hospitals are undertaken by small teams collaborating with hospital staff. Study of tools to improved and optimize operations.

ISE 513 Inventory Systems (4, Sp)
Deterministic and stochastic demand systems with static/dynamic models. Practice in inventory management, computerized procedures, materials requirements planning, just-in-time production, Kanban systems.
ISE 514 Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling (4, FaSpSm)
Advanced concepts in production planning and scheduling including resource allocation, lot sizing, flow shop and job shop scheduling, workforce scheduling and assembly line balancing. Recommended preparation: prior knowledge of operations research and probability theory.

ISE 515 Engineering Project Management (4, FaSpSm)
Applying industrial and systems engineering skills to problems drawn from industry, while working in teams of 3-4 students. Teach project management skills and provide direct experience in managing and executing a group project.

ISE 520 Optimization: Theory and Algorithms (4)
Conditions for optimality.  Nonlinear programming algorithms for constrained and uncontstrained problems.  Special problems such as quadratic, separable, fractional, geometric programming.

ISE 525 Design of Experiments (4, Sp)
Develop skills necessary to plan efficient data collection activities. Derive empirical models of physical systems. Perform sequential optimization studies based upon the empirical models.

ISE 527 Quality Management for Engineers (4, Fa)
Principles of quality management, quality philosophies and frameworks, quality leadership and strategic planning, process management, and performance measurements.

ISE 529 Predictive Analytics (4, Fa, Sp)
Analytics for supervised and unsupervised statistical learning. Generalized linear models, discriminant analysis, support vector machines. nonparametric classification, trees, ensemble methods, k-nearest neighbors. Principal components, clustering. 

ISE 530 Optimization Methods for Analytics  (4, Fa, Sp)
Linear programming, integer programming, quadratic and nonlinear programming

ISE 533 Integrative Analytics (4, Sp)
The three pillars of analytics (predictive, prescriptive, and validation) together under one framework. Use of statistics, learning enabled optimization. Based upon on publicly available data sets.

ISE 534 Data Analytics (4)
Consulting project concepts, frameworks, analytical tools, and managerial skills with a focus on the use of data  analytics, design thinking and insight-driven frameworks. 

ISE 535 Data Mining (4, Fa, Sp) 
Data preprocessing, data cleaning, data summarization, data visualization, and predictive modeling for classification and regression; modeling dependencies using association rules.Consulting project concepts, frameworks, analytical tools, and managerial skills with a focus on the use of data  analytics, design thinking and insight-driven frameworks. 

ISE 536 Linear Programming and Extensions (4, Fa)
Linear programming models for resource allocation; simplex and revised simplex methods; duality; sensitivity; transportation problems; selected extensions to large scale, multi-objective, and special structured models.

ISE 537 Financial Analytics (4, Fa)
Portfolio construction and active portfolio management; investment strategies; machine learning models in quantitative finance; equity factor investing and general risk premia investing.

ISE 538 Elements of Stochastic Processes (4, Fa)
Random variables, stochastic processes, birth-and-death processes, continuous and discrete time Markov chains with finite and infinite number of states, renewal phenomena, queueing systems.

ISE 539 Stochastic Elements of Simulation (4, Sp)
Simulation techniques combined with probabilistic analysis for solving problems in inventory theory, queuing theory, financial engineering, decision analysis, and other fields having a stochastic element.

ISE 540 Text Analytics (4, Fa)
Methods and algorithms for automated text analysis; machine learning; predictive web data analytics; information retrieval; social media data; natural language documents and graphs

ISE 543 Enterprise Business Intelligence and Systems Analytics (4, Sp)

Overview of data management and analytical techniques used in corporate environments and their practical implementation using state-of-the-art Business Intelligence software.

ISE 544 Management of Engineering Teams (4, FaSp)
Design and management of engineering teams. Group decision-making,motivation, leadership, infrastructural requirements, performance measurement, team diversity, conflict, and integration.

ISE 558 Data Management for Analytics (4, Fa,Sp)
Function, design and use of modern data management systems, including cloud; data management techniques; data modeling; network attached storage, clusters and data centers; relational databases; the map-reduce paradigm. 

ISE 561 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects (4, FaSpSu)
Economic evaluations of engineering systems for both government and private industry; quantitative techniques for evaluating non-monetary consequences; formal treatment of risk and uncertainty.

ISE 562 Decision Analysis (4, FaSp)
Decision making under risk conditions; utility theory; sufficient statistics; conjugate prior distributions; terminal andpre-posterior analysis; Baysian statistics versus classical statistics.

ISE 563 Financial Engineering (4, FaSpSu)
Concepts underlying the economic analysis of engineering projects; applications to call and put options; utility theory and mathematical optimization models; and simulation. Recommended preparation: ISE 220 or equivalent course in probability.

ISE 570 Human Factors for Engineering (4) 

Psychological systems and physiological characteristics of humans; how they impact engineering design of technological systems and human-computer interactions.

ISE 576 Industrial Ecology (4, Fa)
Concepts and methods to analyze the environmental impacts of industrial systems, including life-cycle assessment, material flow analysis, design for environment and sustainable consumption.

ISE 580 Performance Analysis with Simulation (4, Fa)
Coverage of various stages of simulation processes using a project and case study oriented approach; an introduction to available simulation tools and modern simulation concepts.

Prerequisite: ISE 220, ISE 325, ISE 435.

ISE 583 Enterprise Wide Information Systems (4, FaSp)
The role of enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) in an organization and the task of implementing and managing the IS function.

ISE 585 Strategic Management of Technology (4, FaSp)
Management skills and tools for technology intensive enterprises.  Life cycle analysis of technology from planning through exploitation, obsolescence and renewal.

ISE 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm)
Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units wich may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.

ISE 599 Special Topics(2-4, max 9, Fa)
Course content will be selected each semester to reflect current trends and developments in the field of industrial and systems engineering.

ISE 610 Advance Design of Experiments and Quality Engineering (4, Fa)
Advanced planning for data collection in order to investigate relationships between product/process design choices and performance; empirical modeling to predict performance; identification of the best design

ISE 620 Foundations of Stochastic Processes (4, Sp)
An introductory PhD course on stochastic processes, covering such topics as conditional expectation, renewal processes, and discrete and continuous time Markov chains. 

ISE 630 Foundations of Optimization (4, Sp)
Convex sets, convex functions, structures of optimization problems, Lagrangian and conjugate duality. First and second order optimality conditions; applications in engineering and management. 

ISE 631 Linear Programming (4, Fa)
Doctoral course in optimization, the foundation for subsequent courses in mathematical programming. For first-year Ph.D. students and M.S. students who intend to pursue a Ph.D.

ISE 632 Network Flows and Combinatorial Optimization (4, Sp)
Combinatorial optimization, particularly graph problems. Shortest paths, max flow, minimum cost flows, Spanning trees, matroids, submodular functions. Bipartite and general matchings, Polyhedral combinatorics, total unimodularity. 

ISE 633 Large Scale Optimization and Machine Learning (4, Fa)
Large scale optimization algorithms that arise in modern data science and machine learning applications. Stochastic Optimization, Accelerated Methods, Parallelization, Online Optimization, Randomized Linear Algebra

ISE 637 Equilibrium Programming (4, Sp)
Built on the methodology of constrained optimization, a graduate-level course on equilibrium programming cast in the framework of finite-dimensional variational inequality and complementarity problems. 

ISE 638 Stochastic Optimization (4, Sp)
Stochastic linear and integer programming, multi-stage stochastic programming, application, models and algorithms. 

ISE 662 Advanced Decision Theory (4, Sp)
Rational decision making; value and utility functions; distribution theory and copulas; value of information and control; multi-attribute utility; decision and game theory; behavioral research.

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