Topics that the program will cover include:

  • Historical development of the American health care system; determinants of health care utilization; role of health care providers; health policy; public health services; and health care finance.
  • Quality assessment at different levels of the health care system including health plans, physicians, hospital and integrated system performance.
  • Electronic medical records, use of health statistics; health indicators; confidentiality, security, privacy.
  • Improvement methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, use of analytic and technology to improve operations.
  • A capstone course in which students work with a hospital on a project to improve operations.

The MS HSME exists at the intersection of engineering systems, clinical environment and hospital management.

Some of our Instructors

Sue KimSue Kim, Assistant Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine

Researcher in topics such as assessing the role of health insurance coverage on patterns of health care utilization among childhood cancer survivors.

Shinyi WuShinyi Wu, Associate Professor of Social Work and Industrial and Systems Engineering

Researcher in technology to provide care for chronic disease and for aging populations.

David Belson

David Belson, Program Director, Lecturer in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Experienced in healthcare performance improvement. Trainer for the State of California and the California Hospital Association as well as projects at the VA and over 50 hospitals.

Ali NowrooziAli Nowroozi, Lecturer of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Extensive experience in higher education teaching in strategic planning and project management. Expert in project management methods.

Published on December 20th, 2021

Last updated on June 26th, 2023