Phebe Vayanos

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Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Computer Science


  • 2013, Doctoral Degree, Computing (Operations Research), Imperial College
  • 2007, Master's Degree, Electrical Engineering, Imperial College


I am Assistant Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Southern California, and Associate Director of the CAIS Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society. Prior to joining USC, I was a lecturer in the Operations Research and Statistics Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a postdoctoral research associate in the Operations Research Center at MIT. I hold a PhD degree in Operations Research and an MEng degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, both from Imperial College London.

Research Summary

My research aims to address fundamental questions in data-driven optimization (a.k.a. prescriptive analytics) with aim to tackle real-world decision- and policy-making problems in uncertain and adversarial environments. My work is motivated by resource allocation problems that are important for social good, such as those arising in public health, public safety and security, public housing, biodiversity preservation, and education. I am also interested in issues surrounding fairness, efficiency, and interpretability in resource allocation. My aim is to advance research in Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence in a manner that will benefit society and in particular low resource communities and others that have not benefited from these recent developments.


    • OHE 310L
    • Olin Hall of Engineering
    • 3650 McClintock Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089
    • USC Mail Code: 0193

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