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Carter, Roxanna | Administrative Assistant | (213) 740-4885 | rsharvey@usc.edu

Conley, Crystal | Student Services Advisor - Undergraduate | (213) 740-7549 | clconley@usc.edu

Lewis, Shelly | Department Business Manager | (213) 740-4898 | lewisml@usc.edu

Ordaz, Mary | Student Services Advisor - Masters | (213) 740-4886 | mordaz@usc.edu

Owh, Grace | Department Chair Assistant | (213) 821-0757 | owh@usc.edu

Ting, Tiffany | Research Administrator | (213) 821-2902  | tingt@usc.edu

Tenured, Tenure Track, and Full Time Teaching Faculty

  • Ali Abbas (Professor and CREATE Director) Decision analysis, risk analysis, multi-attribute utility theory, information theory, Bayesian analysis, and data-based decision making
  • Cesar Acosta-Mejia (Senior Lecturer): Applied Probability Modeling and Statistical Modeling
  • Geza P. Bottlik (Associate Professor of Engineering Practice): Inventory, Production, and Engineering Management.
  • John Gunnar Carlsson (Assistant Professor): Geographic and geometric optimization algorithms, transportation science, computational geometry
  • Yong Chen (Associate Professor): Computer-aided Design, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Process Modeling and Control, and Technology Development, NSF Career Award.
  • Maged M. Dessouky (Professor): Production, Inventory and Transportation.
  • Randolph W. Hall (Professor and USC Vice President for Research): Logistics, Distribution and Transportation.
  • Julia L. Higle (Professor and Chair): Quantitative Decisions Under Uncertainty, Stochastic Programming Models and Algorithms, Healthcare Planning.
  • Qiang Huang

    (Associate Professor and Gordon S. Marshall Early Career Chair in Engineering): Nanomanufacturing & Nanoinformatics, Process Modeling and Control, Quality and Applied Statistics; NSF Career Award.

  • Carl Kesselman (Professor): Grid Computing, Virtual Organizations, Health Informatics.
  • Behrokh Khoshnevis (Professor): Manufacturing, Technology Development and Simulation.
  • Stephen Lu (Packard Chair Professor): Engineering Management, Manufacturing Automation; NSF Career Award.
  • James E. Moore, II (Professor): Transportation Networks and Policies, Terrorist and Seismic Risk, Infrastructure Investment.
  • Kurt D. Palmer (Associate Professor of Engineering Practice and Associate Chair): Quality and Reliability.
  • Jong-Shi Pang (Epstein Family Chair Professor): Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints, Variational Inequalities, Applications in Communications, Robotics and Markets.
  • Mansour Rahimi (Associate Professor): Human Computer Interfaces, Human Factors, and Industrial Ecology.
  • Sheldon M. Ross (Epstein Chair Professor): Financial Engineering, Simulation.
  • Suvrajeet Sen (Professor): Large Scale Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Infrastructure Applications (e.g., Power, Telecommunication, and Transportation)
  • Phebe Vayanos (Assistant Professor); Robust Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Applications in Revenue Management, Energy, Education, and Healthcare
  • Detlof von Winterfeldt (Professor): Decision and Risk Analysis.
  • Neil Siegel (The IBM Professor of Engineering Management): Engineering Process Improvements, Military, Intelligence, and Commercial Systems
  • Meisam Razaviyan (Assistant Professor):  Efficient large scale data analysis algorithms and tools with applications in bioinformatics, computational biology, and machine learning. 
  • Sze-Chuan Suen (Assistant Professor): Simulation, dynamic systems modeling, optimization, cost-effectiveness analysis. Applications in health policy modeling, disease control, medical decision making
  • Shalini Gupta (Lecturer): Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Radio Frequency Identification Device Systems (RFID), Advanced Production & Inventory Management Systems

Joint Appointment Faculty

  • Barry Boehm (TRW Professor, Computer Science Engineering): Software Engineering; National Academy of Engineering.
  • Rahul Jain (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering): Networks and Control, Network Economics and Games, and Stochastic Control and Learning.
  • Najmedin Meshkati (Professor, Civil and Enviornmnetal Engineering): Human Factors; NSF Career Award.
  • Joe S. Qin (Fluor Chair Professor, Chemical Engineering): Chemical and Manufacturing Process Optimization, Efficiency, and Control; NSF Career Award.
  • Ketan Savla (Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Milind Tambe (Professor, Computer Science Engineering): Agent-Based and Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Shinyi Wu (Associate Professor, School of Social Work): Healthcare Systems Improvement, Quality Control, and Management Engineering.
  • Nitin Kale (Senior Lecturer, Information Technology Program): Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence Systems.
  • Richard Vawter (Senior Lecturer, Information Technology Program): Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management.

Emeriti Faculty

  • Gerald A. Fleischer (Professor Emeritus): Engineering Economy and Finance.
  • Ralph L. Keeney (Professor Emeritus): Decision Analysis; National Academy of Engineering.
  • F. Stan Settles (IBM Chair Professor and SAE Program Co-Director): Engineering Management, Systems Architecting; National Academy of Engineering.
  • Peter Will (Professor Emeritus): Manufacturing Automation.


Research Faculty

Research faculty in the Viterbi School of Engineering have no teaching obligation, though many elect to teach up to one course per year. The criteria for research faculty appointments include scholarship and extramural funding commensurate with the research profiles typical of tenured and tenure-track faculty.

  • Yigal Arens (Research Professor): Digital Government, Intelligent Systems, Interfaces.
  • Wanda Austin (Research Professor): Satellite and Payload System Acquisition, Systems Engineering, and System Simulation; National Academy of Engineering.
  • Mohamed I. Dessouky (Research Professor): Computers and Industrial Engineering.
  • Stephen Hora (Research Professor)
  • Fernando I. Ordoñez (Research Associate Professor)

Adjunct Faculty

Though not a matter of policy, the practices of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering reveal a strong preference for restricting adjunct faculty appointments to individuals with doctoral degrees. Adjunct faculty members are occasionally appointed on the basis of other criteria, such as other graduate credentials or decades of distinguished industry experience. The Epstein Department considers appointing individuals to adjunct faculty ranks on a case-by-case basis, and only if there are compelling rationales that speak to the individual’s strong qualifications for the role. These might include distinguished professional experience, professional honors and awards (such as NAE/NAS/IOM membership), or flag rank.

  • Michael Mann (Adjunct Professor): Technology Management.
  • Jeffrey H. Smith (Adjunct Associate Professor): Multiattribute Decision Analysis, Mathematical Modeling & Simulation, and Robotics.

Industry Faculty

The unique professional environment that defines the Los Angeles metropolitan area provides the Epstein ISE Department with access to Industry faculty members drawn from the ranks of leading national experts.  These full time professionals and industry leaders bring unusual levels of depth, sophistication, and relevance to the various graduate curricula mounted by the Epstein Department.

  • Virgil Adumitroaie: Advanced Economic Analysis.
  • David Belson: HealthCare, Management Engineering, and Project Management.
  • Thomas C. Booth:  Quality System Performance and Project and Team Performance.
  • Steven Benshoof: Enterprise Systems and Technology Management.
  • Lynne Cooper: Performance Measurement and Product Design.
  • Mike Kazeef: Modern Enterprise Systems.
  • Erich Kreidler: Project Management and Quality Control.
  • Ted Mayeshiba: Lean Operations and Manufacturing.
  • Sima Parisay: Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Raymond Rakhshani: Manufacturing.
  • Kazuo Takeda: Engineering Leadership and Team Management.
  • Marilee J. Wheaton: Systems Engineering and Space Systems.
  • Kim Peters: Engineering Management, Engineering Project Management, Simulations