Core Faculty

Ali Abbas
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Decisions and Ethics (DECIDE)

Decision analysis, risk analysis, multi-attribute utility theory, information theory, Bayesian analysis, and data-based decision making

Cesar Acosta-Mejia
Senior Lecturer

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Financial Engineering and Business Intelligence

Geza P. Bottlik Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

Inventory, Production, and Engineering Management

John Gunnar Carlsson
Associate Professor 

Geographic and geometric optimization algorithms, transportation science, computational geometry

Yong Chen Associate Professor Computer-aided Design, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Process Modeling and Control, and Technology Development, NSF Career Award.

Maged M. Dessouky
Professor and Chair

Production, Inventory and Transportation.

Shalini Gupta

Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Radio Frequency Identification Device Systems (RFID), Advanced Production & Inventory Management Systems

Randolph W. Hall Professor and USC Vice President for Research

Logistics, Distribution and Transportation

Julia L. Higle

Quantitative Decisions Under Uncertainty, Stochastic Programming Models and Algorithms, Healthcare Planning.

Qiang Huang
Associate Professor and Gordon S. Marshall Early Career Chair in Engineering

Nanomanufacturing & Nanoinformatics, Process Modeling and Control, Quality and Applied Statistics; NSF Career Award

Carl Kesselman

Global-scale cyber-infrastructure, socio-technical systems for scientific discovery, data-driven collaboration

Stephen Lu
David Packard Chair in Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering Management, Manufacturing Automation; NSF Career Award.

James E. Moore, II
Vice Dean for Academic Programs

Transportation Networks and Policies, Terrorist and Seismic Risk, Infrastructure Investment.

Kurt D. Palmer
Associate Professor of Engineering Practice
Associate Chair

Statistics, Data Collection Planning, Empirical Model Building, Quality Improvement

Jong-Shi Pang
Epstein Family Chair Professor

Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints, Variational Inequalities, Applications in Communications, Robotics and Markets

Mansour Rahimi
Associate Professor

Human Computer Interfaces, Human Factors, and Industrial Ecology

Meisam Razaviyayn
Assistant Professor 

Efficient large scale data analysis algorithms and tools with applications in bioinformatics, computational biology, and machine learning

Sheldon M. Ross
Epstein Chair Professor

Applied probability model, Financial engineering, Simulation, Stochastic dynamic programming

Suvrajeet Sen

Large Scale Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Infrastructure Applications (e.g., Power, Telecommunication, and Transportation)

Neil Siegel
The IBM Professor of Engineering Management
Professor of Engineering Practice

Engineering Process Improvements, Military, Intelligence, and Commercial Systems

Sze-Chuan Suen
Assistant Professor

Simulation, dynamic systems modeling, optimization, cost-effectiveness analysis. Applications in health policy modeling, disease control, medical decision making

Phebe Vayanos
Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS)

Data-driven decision-making under uncertainty: stochastic and robust optimization; applications in healthcare, education, and energy

Detlof von Winterfeldt
Director, Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism (CREATE)

Data-driven decision-making under uncertainty: stochastic and robust optimization; applications in healthcare, education, and energy