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Talent and innovation sync at annual faculty and staff awards
April 29, 2016
Faculty and staff gather to celebrate the best and brightest at USC Viterbi
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Spring 2016 USC Viterbi Magazine
April 28, 2016
Check out the latest issue of our digital magazine!
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Just like the Academy Awards, Minus the Commercial Breaks
April 22, 2016
The 38th annual Viterbi Awards spotlights three engineer luminaries, school’s hottest startups.
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A Lasting Legacy
April 19, 2016
Professor Petros Ioannou is installed as the inaugural A.V. “Bal” Balakrishnan Chair.
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Milind Tambe Wins the Innovative Application of AI Award for Deployed Application
April 08, 2016
He received the award for his work on the Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS) and his paper on "Deploying PAWS: Field Optimization of the Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security." The paper was led and coauthored by Ph.D. students Fei Fang and Thanh Nguyen
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Nitin Kale Wins the 2016 Majdi Najm Outstanding Service Award
April 06, 2016
The award is given to those who have advanced the use of SAP in a classroom environment and increased collaboration among other SAP University Alliances.
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Building on Mars and the Moon
March 28, 2016
USC Viterbi School of Engineering Professor Invents 3D-Printing Process that Uses Lunar and Martian Dust for Outer-Space Construction
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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Port Authority Flat Fare Proposal Would Limit Headaches
March 10, 2016
James Moore was quoted about cashless fare systems.
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OCEC Faculty, Programs and Students Sweep the 2016 the OCEC 2016 Awards.
March 02, 2016
Maja Mataric, Kelly Sanders, Andrea Armani, Azad Madni, Idania Takimoto, Radhul Ranith and the DEN program were honored
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Alumni Profile: Charles Bolden
February 25, 2016
USC Viterbi celebrates the career of NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, who graduated with a M.S. in Systems Management in 1977
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Making Flat Things Grow
December 09, 2015
From paper airplanes to circuit boards, Yong Chen combines origami with 3-D printing.
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Drones Could Do It All
November 25, 2015
John Gunnar Carlsson is awarded the Air Force Office of Scientific Research award for his work with drones
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Faculty Profile: Phebe Vayanos
November 24, 2015
Meet new faculty member and Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial and System Engineering, Phebe Vayanos and learn about her interest in data driven decision making.
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An aviator with her feet on the ground
November 10, 2015
U.S. army aviator, Iraq war veteran and PhD student on breaking barriers and bringing hope
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Two officers, two nations, one mission
November 10, 2015
Army captain and graduate student recounts an unlikely friendship and one mission that defined him in the Afghanistan War
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Startup Companies That Care
October 20, 2015
The Min family’s recent gift to USC Viterbi will establish a student business plan competition to fund startups with a socially assistive bent.
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The Fleischer Prize in Green Technology
September 29, 2015
USC Viterbi Students encouraged to apply
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The Economist: A Bridge to the Future
September 08, 2015
Behrokh Khoshnevis was mentioned in an article about 3D printing technologies being adapted for use by the construction industry to create buildings and other structures
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Real World Mathematics
July 27, 2015
USC Viterbi hosts an applied mathematics workshop for high-school teachers.
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Los Angeles Times: Iran's economic recovery from sanctions won't come overnight, experts say
July 17, 2015
Naj Meshkati was quoted about the economic opportunities that could come out of lifting sanctions on Iran
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