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Raymond Rakhshani

Raymond Rakhshani
Industrial and Systems Engineering
E-mail: Raymond_Rakhshani@Yahoo.com


  • PhD, Technology Transfer Management, CUNS (Cranfield Institute of Technology) 
  • MS, Industrial & Control Systems Engineering, The Hatfield Polytechnic, Hertfordshire, England
  • MS, Factory Automation and Robotics, Cranfield Institute of Technology, England
  • Executive MBA, University of Southern California, (Los Angeles, CA)
  • BS, Industrial Systems and Control Engineering, The Hatfield Polytechnic, Hertfordshire, England


Over twenty years in Corporate America with Fortune 500 companies.
Over five years of experience in Europe (England & Germany).

Specialized in:

  • New Product & Process Development
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Manufacturing Infrastructure Planning & Implementation
  • Supply Chain Management & ERP System Implementation

Research Interests

Business Development:

  • Business Strategy Formulation and Planning
  • Business Planning and Development
  • New Product and Process Development
  • Lean Manufacturing Enterprise Development
  • Manufacturing Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

Recent Publications

  • Organizational Dynamics Assessment
  • Lean Manufacturing assessment
  • Executive Coaching & Team Formation
  • Integrated Product Development Team (IPT) Coaching
  • Coaching and Training Staff and Employees in new Manufacturing Philosophies and Practices
  • Safety & Ergonomics Management Program Development

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