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Peter Will

Peter Will
Research Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Web: http://www.isi.edu/will/

1960 Ph.D., Faculty of Science (Non-Linear Systems), University of Aberdeen, Scotland
1958 B.Sc. (ENG) 1st Class Honors, Electrical Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Research Interests:
Robotics, Space, MEMS, design and manufacturing


USC/ISI Positions:

2004- Research Professor, Astronautics and Space Technology Division
2002- ISI Fellow
2000- Research Professor, Department of Materials Science
1997- Research Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
2000-02   Division Director
1994-2000   Director of Distributed Scalable Systems Division
1992-94 Director of High Performance Computer & Communications Division

Other Professional Positions:

2001-   Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Zyvex Corp.
2000-01   Chief Technical Officer, Akroria Networks
1990-92   Director of Design Strategy Product Generation, Corporate Headquarters, Hewlett-Packard Co.
1988-90 Director of the Measurement and Manufacturing Center, HP Labs, Hewlett-Packard Co.
1987-88 Director of the Manufacturing Research Center, HP Labs, Hewlett-Packard Co.
1986-87 Director, VLSI Systems Research, Fairchild Semiconductor
1983-86 Director of Systems Research, Schlumberger-Doll Research Laboratory
1980-83 Director of Product Systems, Schlumberger Well Services, Houston
1978-80 Industry Technical Advisor for Advanced Manufacturing Systems, IBM Corp.
1965-78 Manager Automation Systems, Yorktown Heights Research Center, IBM Corp.
1966-71 Teaching, (part-time), University of Connecticut, Stanford, CT

Honors and Awards:

2003: USC Faculty Research Recognition Award from Phi Kappa Phi
1990: Joseph E. Engelberger Medal in Robotics
1958-60: Carnegie Fellowship
IBM Awards for Outstanding Contribution, Outstanding Innovation, and Four Invention Plateau Awards

Professional Service:

2002-   Member, NASA MARS Technology Advisory Board
2001- Chairman, NIST Manufacturing Systems Integration Division Review Panel
1995   Founder, Laboratory for Molecular Robots, USC
1993-94   Chairman, NRC study on Information Technology in Manufacturing
1988-94 Member DARPA Information Science and Technology Group
1980s National Science Foundation (NSF) Scientific Advisory Committees:
  Chairman, Microelectronics Information Processing Committee
  Chairman, Design, Manufacturing and Computer Engineering Committee
  Member, Optics, Communications and Systems Committee
1982-86 Member of the Computer Science and Technology Board of the National Research Council
Founded and operated for 8 years (1994-2002) the MEMS ClearingHouse, an information utility that supports student and faculty researchers, world-wide in their research activities in MEMS field. The activity was recently transferred to CNRI, see http://www.memsnet.org