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Mike Kazeef

Mike Kazeef
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Retired as President/CEO of new metal forming- technology company. Vice -president of a Fortune 500 company in charge of guiding and overseeing all the primary operations in North America.

Over the last thirty five years he:
• Fulfilled general management responsibilities and developed a broad expertise in managing multinational organizations.
• Used several opportunities of starting new greenfield organizations to develop innovative methodology in the management process.
• Brought these organizations to lead the industry in ongoing “cutting edge” practices.
• Focused especially on:
* The pursuit of the reduction of variation as the management methodology throughout entire organizations union or non-union.
* The successful development of very flat organizations.

A common thread through these years has been the implementation of a style of management characterized by a deep and real involvement of the employees in continual improvement by pursuing the reduction of variation in all processes and this legacy is still alive in 2011.
He also believed that industrial facilities and corporations can only operate successfully by permission of all their stakeholders.
Throughout his executive life, he devoted much time and attention to the communities in which the plants were established.

He taught ISE 517 course at USC in the fall of 2005 and 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
He has a passion for providing graduate students with the means to become successful in any job, any position, any country, and any culture, now and in the future.

Born and educated in Paris, France with a master in Sciences and an engineering degree from the University of Paris and the ENSCP School of Chemical Engineering.
A US citizen, he retired in 1997 and resides in Newport Beach, California.