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James E. Moore, II

James E. Moore, II
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Public Policy and Management
Phone: (213) 740-0595
E-mail: jmoore@usc.edu

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Dr. Moore received his BS degrees in Industrial Engineering and Urban Planning in 1981 from the Technological Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois; MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University in 1982; M of Urban and Regional Planning degree from Northwestern in 1983; and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Infrastructure Planning and Management) from Stanford in 1986.
Dr. Moore joined Northwestern's Civil Engineering faculty as an Assistant Professor in 1986, and came to the USC Civil Engineering and Urban Planning faculties in 1988. He received tenure in the School of Urban and Regional Planning in 1993, and in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1997. His principal academic appointment changes to the Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2003.

Research Interests
  • Mathematical programming and connectionist models to study transportation network performance and control, especially in networks subject to earthquake or flood damage.
  • Evaluation of new transportation technologies.
  • Computational models of the land use / transport system.
  • Transportation policy analysis.
  • Market based urban planning interventions.
  • Optimal infrastructure investment and pricing policies.
  • The economic impacts of terrorist attacks.

  • (third author, with Peter Gordon, Soojung Kim, Jiyoung Park, and Harry W. Richardson) "The Economic Impacts of a Terrorist Attack on the U.S. Commercial Aviation System," submitted to Risk Analysis, An International Journal, for inclusion in a special issue of volume 26 (2006). Presented at the 45th Annual Meetings of the Western Regional Science Association (WRSA), Santa Fe, NM, February 22-25, 2006.
  • (third and principal author, with Nobuhiko Shiraki, Masanobu Shinozuka, Stephanie E. Chang, Hiroyuki Kameda, and Satoshi Tanaka) "Transportation System Risk Curves: Probabilistic Performance Scenarios for Highway Networks Subject to Earthquake Damage," forthcoming in the American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 12 (2006). Presented at the Pacific Earthquake Engineering / Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research / Mid-America Earthquake Center Tri-Center Annual Investigator’s Meeting, Las Vegas, 2003.
  • (second author, with Anne Kiremidjian, Yue Yue Fan, Ozgur Yazlali, Nesrin Basoz, and Meredith Williams) "Effects of Local Site Characteristics on Seismic Risk of Transportation Network Systems," forthcoming in the Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 10, Special Issue 1 (2006). Presented as Keynote lecture 3, Developments in Seismic Damage to Networks in the USA and Europe: The PEER Highway Demonstration Project, GNDT MAE-SAFERR Conference on Seismic Risk in Urban Areas, Erice, Italy, May 26-28, 2003.
  • (first author, with Richard G. Little, Sungbin Cho, and Shin Lee) "Using Regional Economic Models to Estimate the Costs of Infrastructure Failures: The Cost of a Limited Interruption in Electric Power in the Los Angeles Region," Public Works Management and Policy, 10, 3 (2006): 256-274.
  • (first and principal author, with Michael McNally, Steve Mattingly, and C. Arthur McCarley) "Technical Evaluation of the Anaheim Adaptive Control Field Operational Test: Institutional and Technical Issues," forthcoming in the Journal of Transportation Planning and Technology, 28, 6 (2005): 465-482. 
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