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Undergraduate Course Descriptions and Syllabi

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105 Introduction to Industrial and Systems Engineering (2, Fa)
Gateway to the bachelor of science in industrial and systems engineering. A combination of plant tours, laboratory experiences, and lecture are used to introduce the philosophy, subject matter, aims, goals, and techniques of industrial and systems engineering.
Syllabus: Fall 2011

220 Probability Concepts in Engineering (3, Fa)

Techniques for handling uncertainties in engineering design: discrete and continuous random variables; expectations, probability distributions and transformations of random variables; limit theorems; approximations and applications.
Corequisite: MATH 226.
Syllabus: Spring 2010  Fall 2011

225 Engineering Statistics I (3,Sp)

Sampling distributions; parameter estimation, hypothesis testing; analysis of variance; regression; nonparametric statistics.
Prerequisite: ISE 220.
Syllabus: Spring 2010   Fall 2011

232L Manufacturing Processes (3, Fa)
Basic manufacturing processes including casting, machining, forming and welding; current trends in manufacturing processes including polymer, ceramic and composite material processing, and electronic device fabrication; introduction to numerical control and computer integrated manufacturing.
Prerequisite: MASC 110L or CHEM 105aL or CHEM 115aL.
Syllabus: Spring 2010  Fall 2011

310L Production I: Facilities and Logistics (4, Sp)
Facilities layout and design; material handling and transportation; site selection and sourcing; supply chain management.
Prerequisite: ISE 330, ISE 460.
Corequisite: ISE 331.
Spring 2010  Fall 2011

330 Introduction to Operations Research : Deterministic Models (3, Fa)
Introduction to linear programming; transportation and assignment problems; dynamic programming; integer programming; nonlinear programming.
Prerequisite: MATH 225.
Syllabus: Spring 2010   Fall 2011

331 Introduction to Operations Research: Stochastic Models (3, Sp)

Stochastic processes; Markov chains; queueing theory and queueing decision models; probabilistic inventory models.
Prerequisite: ISE 220, ISE 330.
Spring 2010   Fall 2011

344 Engineering Team Management (3, Sp)
Examine team formulation and team dynamics including organizational behavior, group dynamics, psychology, and business management, all in the context of engineering development; decision-making and negotiation. Open only to juniors and seniors..
Syllabus: Spring 2010

370L Human Factors in Work Design (4, Fa)
Physiological systems and psychological characteristics; ergonomics; anthropometry; effects of the physical environment on humans; occupational safety and health; work methods.
Prerequisite: ISE 225.
Syllabus: Spring 2010

382 Database Systems: Concepts, Design and Implementation (2, Sp)
Concepts in modeling data for industry applications.  Designing and implementing robust database.  Querying databases to extract business intelligence; Global Enterprise Resource Planning with databases.
Prerequisite: CSCI 101L.
Spring 2010

410 Production II: Planning and Scheduling (3, Fa)
Production planning, forecasting, scheduling, and inventory; computer integrated decision systems in analysis and control of production systems.
Prerequisite: ISE 330, ISE 310L.
Syllabus: Fall 2011

426 Statistical Quality Control (3, Fa)

Quantitative aspects of statistical quality control (process control, acceptance sampling by attribute and by variable, rectifying inspection), quality assurance and the management of QC/QA functions.
Prerequisite: ISE 225.
Syllabus: Fall 2011

435 Discrete Systems Simulation (3, Fa)
Model design to simulate discrete event systems with basic input and output analysis using high order languages, applied to industrial systems analysis and design problems.
Prerequisite: ISE 220, CSCI 101L.
Corequisite: ISE 225.
Syllabus: Spring 2010   Fall 2011

440 Work, Technology, and Organization (3, Sp)

Impact of technology on work and organizational design;  effects of automation; design of improvement programs; information infrastructures; teams; individual behavioral outcomes.
Prerequisite: senior level standing in engineering.
Spring 2009   Spring 2010

460 Engineering Economy (3, FaSpSm)
Utilizing principles of economic analysis for choice of engineering alternatives and engineering systems. Pre-tax and after-tax economy studies. (Duplicates credit in former ISE 360.)
Prerequisite: upper division standing
Syllabus:Spring 2010   Fall 2011

470 Human/Computer Interface Design (3, Sp)

Essentials of human factors and computer interface for the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated media systems. 
Syllabus:  Fall 2008   Spring 2010

490x Directed Research (2-8, max 8, FaSp)
Individual research and readings. Not available for graduate credit.
Prerequisite: departmental approval.
Syllabus: Fall 2008

495abx Senior Design Project (2-2, FaSp)
a: Preparation and Development of the senior project proposal.  Not available for graduate credit.  Senior standing in industrial and systems engineering.  Open only to industrial and systems engineering students. 
Corequisite:  ISE 225, ISE 310; ISE 382 or CSCI 485.
b: Group work on an industrial engineering design problem in an organization.  Not available for graduate credit.  Senior standing in industrial and systems engineering.
Corequisite: ISE 370 or ISE 470; ISE 435
Syllabus:Spring 2010   Fall 2011

499 Special Topics (2-4, FaSp)
Spring 2010: Principle and Practice of Global Innovation Teams