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ISE Course Descriptions and Syllabi

 The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed.

For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

ISE 500 Engineering Management Decisions and Statistics (3, Fa)
Case based decision and statistical analysis.  Framing engineering management situations with statistical methods. Experiments, regression, ANOVA, hypothesis, factor analysis.  Open only to Fifth year seniors and Master's students. Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 502 Construction Accounting and Finance (3, Fa)
Cost control, finance, and engineering economy for construction operations. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 508 Health Care Operations Improvement (3, Fa) 
Improving operations, patient flow, quality and processes.  Students will become familiar with methods for implementing change in health care settings such as hospitals.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 512 Software Management and Economics (3, Fa)
Theories of management and their application to software projects.   Economic analysis of software products and processes.  Software cost and schedule estimation, planning and control. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 514 Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling (3, Fa)
Advanced concepts in production planning and scheduling including resource allocation, lot sizing, flow shop and job shop scheduling, workforce scheduling and assembly line balancing. Recommended preparation: prior knowledge of operations research and probability theory. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 515 Engineering Project Management (3, Fa)
Applying industrial and systems engineering skills to problems drawn from industry, while working in teams of 3-4 students. Teach project management skills and provide direct experience in managing and executing a group project.
Syllabus: Fall 2015 (Peters)  Fall 2015 (Nowroozi)

ISE 525 Design of Experiments (3, Fa) 
Develop skills necessary to plan efficient data collection activities. Derive empirical models of physical systems. Perform sequential optimization studies based upon the empirical models. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 527 Quality Management for Engineers (3, Fa)
Principles of quality management, quality philosophies and frameworks, quality leadership and strategic planning, process management, and performance measurements. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 530 Introduction to Operations Research (3, Fa)
Linear programming, integer programming, transportation and assignment problems, networks, dynamic programming, Markovian models, and queueing.
Prerequisite: MATH 225, ISE 220.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 536 Linear Programming and Extensions (3, Fa)
Linear programming models for resource allocation; simplex and revised simplex methods; duality; sensitivity; transportation problems; selected extensions to large scale, multiobjective, and special structured models.
Prerequisite: MATH 225 or EE 441 or departmental approval.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 538 Elements of Stochastic Processes (3, Sp)
Random variables, stochastic processes, birth-and-deathprocesses, continuous and discrete time Markov chainswith finite and infinite number of states, renewal phenomena, queueing systems. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 544 Management of Engineering Teams (3, Fa)
Design and management of engineering teams. Group decision-making,motivation, leadership, infrastructural requirements, performance measurement, team diversity, conflict, and integration.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 545 Technology Development and Implementation (3, Fa)
Principles and practices of technology development and implementation,with application to products and systems in manufacturing and services.  
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 549 Systems Architecting (3, FaSp) 
(Enroll in SAE 549)

SAE 549 Systems Architecting (3, Fa)
Introduction to systems architecture in aerospace, electrical, computer, and manufacturing systems emphasizing the conceptual and acceptance phases and using heuristics.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 551 Foundations of Data Management (3, Fa)
Function and design of modern storage systems, including cloud; data management techniques; data modeling; network attached storage, clusters and data centers; relational databases; the map-reduce paradigm. 
 Fall 2015

ISE 556 Stochastic Systems (3, Fa)
Stochastic system models, Dynamic programming, Linear quadratic control, Kalman filtering and estimation, System identification, approximate dynamic programming methods, adaptive control and online learning. 
Prerequisite: EE 503.
Syllabus: Fall 2015 

ISE 560 Analysis of Algorithms (3, Fa) 
Explores fundamental techniques such as recursion, Fourier transform ordering; dynamic programming for efficient algorithm construction. 
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 561 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects (3, Fa)
Economic evaluations of engineering systems for both government and private industry; quantitative techniques for evaluating non-monetary consequences; formal treatment of risk and uncertainty.Prerequisite: ISE 500
SyllabusFall 2015

ISE 563 Financial Engineering (3, Fa) 
Concepts underlying the economic analysis of engineering projects; applications to call and put options; utility theory and mathematical optimization models; and simulation. Recommended preparation: ISE 220 or equivalent course in probability.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 564 Performance Analysis (3, ) 
Concepts underlying the economic analysis of engineering projects; applications to call and put options; utility theory and mathematical optimization models; and simulation. 
Recommended preparation: ISE 220 or equivalent course in probability.

ISE 565 Law and Finance for Engineering Innovation (3, Fa)
Students will identify, formulate and resolve legal, financial, and ethical issues affecting innovation in engineering organizations, including legal structures, financing, and intellectual property rights. Only open to graduate students.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 566 Financial Accounting Analysis for Engineers (3, Sp)
Indentification, formulation, and solution of financial accounting problems in engineering enterprises.  Legal context of financial decisions, process cost determination and allocation, financial reports, and reporting systems. Open only to graduate students.

ISE 568 Machine Learning (3, Fa)
Statistical methods for building intelligent and adaptive systems that improve performance from experiences; Focus on theoretical understanding of these methods and their computational implications
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 570 Human Factors in Engineering (3, Sp) 
Psychological and physiological characteristics of humans; how they limit engineering design of machines and human-machine systems.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 580 Advanced Concepts in Computer Simulation (3, Fa)
Coverage of various stages of simulation processes using a project and case study oriented approach; an introduction to available simulation tools and modern simulation concepts.
Prerequisite: ISE 220, ISE 325, ISE 435.
SyllabusFall 2015

ISE 583 Enterprise Wide Information Systems (3, FaSp)
The role of enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) in an organization and the task of implementing and managing the IS function.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm)
Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units wich may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC. 
Syllabus: http://www.usc.edu/dept/ise/academics/pdf/directre.pdf

ISE 631 Linear Programming
Doctoral course in optimization, the foundation for subsequent courses in mathematical programming. For first-year Ph.D. students and M.S. students who intend to pursue a Ph.D.
Syllabus: Fall 2015

ISE 651 Seminar in Industrial Engineering (1, FaSp)
Reports on current departmental research; review of papers, proposals,and special projects; guest speakers. Required of all studentsenrolled in Ph.D. program.
Syllabus: Fall 2015


ISE 670 Advannced Analysis of Algorithms
Fundamental techniques for design and analysis of algorithms. Dynamic programming; network flows; theory of NP-completeness; linear programming; approximation, randomized, and online algorithms; basic cryptography. Prerequisite: CSCI 570. 
Fall 2015


ISE 671 Randomized Algorithms (4, Fa)
Standard techniques in the design and analysis of randomized algorithms and random structures. Topics include tail bounds, Markov Chains, VC-dimension, probabilistic method. Prerequisite: CSCI 570 or CSCI 670
Syllabus: Fall 2015