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SAE Course Descriptions and Syllabi

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SAE 541 Systems Engineering Theory and Practice (3, FaSpSm)
Integration of engineering problem solving methodologies based on systems concepts. Application to complex, large scale technical systems and problems faced by engineeringmanagers. Case studies.
Syllabus: Spring 2010 (Hines)   Fall 2011

SAE 542 Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering (3, FaSp)
Advanced topics in integration software management and systems engineering, probabilistic foundations of decision-based theory, quantitative risk management, decision-based design, and safety aspects of systems engineering.
ISE 541.
Syllabus: Spring 2010
   Fall 2011

SAE 543 Case Studies in Systmes Engineering (3, FaSp)
Real-world case studies in DoD, NASA, and commerical arenas, employing new methodologies to cover the fundamentals positive and negative development learning principles of systems engineering.
Prerequisite: ISE 541, SAE 549
Syllabus: Fall 2011

SAE 549 Systems Architecting (3, FaSp)

Introduction to systems architecture in aerospace, electrical, computer, and manufacturing systems emphasizing the conceptual and acceptance phases and using heuristics.
Prerequisite: B.S degree in related field of engineering
Syllabus: Fall 2009   Fall 2011
SAE 550 Engineering Management of Government-Funded Programs (3, SP) 
Analysis of risks inherent in managing high-tech/high-cost government-funded engineering programs; tools and techniques for coping with the impacts of politically-driven budgets on the engineering design process. 
Recommended preparation: two years of work experience.
Prerequisite: undergraduate degree in engineeringor related field plus two years of work experience.
Syllabus: Spring 2010   Fall 2011

SAE 551 Lean Operations (3, FaSp)
Study of lean principles and practices as applied to automotive, aerospace and other industries.
Syllabus: Spring 2007   Fall 2009   Spring 2010

SAE 560 Economic Analysis of Architecting and Engineering (3, FaSp)
Impact of economic factors for systems architects and engineers, tools for understanding these factors, fundamental quantitative analysis of cash flow, life-cost estimating for systems and software engineering.
Syllabus: Spring 2009   Fall 2009

SAE 574 Net-Centric Systems Architecting and Engineering (3,FaSp)
In-depth examination of the technical design approaches, tools, and processes to enable the benefits of net-centric operations in a networked systems-of-systems.
Syllabus: Fall 2007   Fall 2008   Spring 2009   Fall 2009   Spring 2010

SAE 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm)

Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units wich may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.
Syllabus: http://www.usc.edu/dept/ise/academics/pdf/directre.pdf

SAE 599 Special Topics (2-4, max 9)
Course content to be selected each semester to reflect current trends and developments in the field of systems architecture and engineering.
"Systems Engineering through Motorsports" Spring 2010 (settles)
"Architecting Resilient Systems" Spring 2010 (Jackson)
"Systems Engineering Management" Spring 2010 (Hines)
"Systems Thinking" Spring 2010 (Hines)
"Systems Architecting and Engineering through Motorsports" Fall 2009 (Settles)
"Systems Thinking" Spring 2009 (Hines)
"Systems Architecting Research and Practice" Spring 2009 (Howard)
"Architecting Resilient Systems" Spring 2009 (Jackson)
(Spring 2009 Research)
"Economic Considerations for Systems Architecting and Engineering" Spring 2009 (Settles)
"Simulation for Systems Architecting and Engineering" Fall 2008 (Madachy)
"Economic Considerations for Systems Architecting and Engineering" Fall 2008 (Settles)
"Research and Development Portfolio Analysis" Fall 2008 (Smith)