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The Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering will be a world leader in education, research, and innovation by creating, expanding, and communicating knowledge for the design, operation, integration and improvement of products, processes and socio-technical systems.  Our faculty and students will be leaders in the profession, shaping the future by contributing creatively and analytically to solve societal problems.
Values and Principles
As faculty and staff, we will conduct the business of the Epstein ISE department according to the following core principles in line with our Vision.  We will:

1.     maintain an open forum where all may advocate their ideas in a transparent manner;
2.     give thoughtful consideration to points of view that are not our own;
3.     exercise patience to allow time for deliberation;
4.     give special care to protect minority interests;
5.     accept the collective will of the group;
6.     assist each other in achieving our collective and individual goals;
7.     commit to excellence in all aspects of department activities (e.g., teaching, research, mentoring,
        outreach, etc.); and
8.     help each other to be accountable for following these principles.